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Welcome to the Canadian Stepfamily Institute

Stepfamily Therapeutic Challenges

 Stepfamilies and Therapists Encounter Highly Complex Challenges

Professional research studies shows that many family counsellors become overwhelmed by the sheer number and complexity of the issues presented by stepfamilies. 

Single parents, confident their prior life experiences will make the transitions to a stepfamily a relatively easy process, are devastated by the degree of confusion and chaos and emotional intensity they experience.

Understanding the developmental process, structural, dynamics and issues enables both parties to successfully address the issues and integrate the members of the stepfamily.

The Canadian Stepfamily Institute

Driven by the lack of professional educational opportunities for family servcie professionals, and the ever increasing number of Canadian stepfamilies, Dianne Martin & Associates have undertaken the task to research, design, and develop the following:

1) Professional Development Seminars for family service practitioners.

2) Family support, counselling and workshops for stepfamilies and single parents planning to repartner

The goal is to provide opportunities that will educate and prepare family therapists to employ proven therapeutic approaches and strategies to support their clients as they navigate their unique stepfamily journey. 

These programs are:

  • Evidence-based
  • Research driven
  • Presented by Certified Stepfamily Counsellors and Trainers
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