Are You Addicted to Sex?

Are You Addicted to Sex?

Not really. In fact, my hope is that people with a strong interest in sex find healthy ways to indulge and enjoy that interest. It is only when a behavior gets out of control and causes consequences that we start to think about addiction. Sex addiction has nothing whatsoever to do with who or what it is that turns a person on. The simple truth is that sex addiction is not defined by how much sex or even the type of sex a person has, just as alcoholism is not defined by how much you drink or what kind of alcohol you consume. The defining factor—for all addictions—is how the activity affects your life. If someone is preoccupied to the point of obsession with sexual fantasy and activity—solo or with others, has repeatedly tried and failed to quit or cut back, and is experiencing negative consequences as a result, that raises red flags for sexual addiction. Otherwise, sex addiction is probably not the issue.

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We know that living in the stepfamily is a very complicated situation.  And it is highly confusing and discombobulating for our kids as well.



I was reading another article or blog where the author referred to blended families .  Well  most of you know my thoughts about using the term blended instead of step.



Blended suggest that the process is easy and that everyone will just fit together without any lumps bumps or unsightly clumps that occur.



Well we all know that ain't going to true! 



Stepfamilies are all about colliding desires and conflicting needs -  which leave bumps, bruises, and wounded hearts.




So for example a four-year-old  is moving into a stepfamily. She will have a stepmother or stepfather she will have a stepbrother, or stepsister and they will be called stepsiblings.




She did not have a blended mother or a blended father she does not have a blended sister or blended brother.  So why or why is her family called a blended family???? Why is this--or any other-- child  entering a stepfamly be confused by our self inflicted identify crisis?




Wouldn't be ever so much easier for children if we used consistency in our terms?



Yes , unfortunatgely there are a host of negative stereotypical ideas about stepfamilies.



A sense of stigma attached to the term stepmom... we have our fairy tails and folklore to blame for the stigmatization of stepfamilies.  So best stop kids from hearing or reading fairy tales.


But it's time we stood up to be counted, to be proud of who we are and to put aside our identity conflicts and proudly proclaimed that we are


Stepparents, stepmom, stepdad, stepbrothers stepsisters,

step-grandparents and step-aunties and step-uncles.


Take care my Friends

Dianne Martin - Stepmom and Advocate

March 13, 2016

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