Your key to stepfamily harmony


Understanding Your Stepfamily

Being a stepparent is one of the most difficult and daunting of all parenting roles. 

I speak from experience - I am a stepmom.

When David and I began our journey over 30 years ago there was little in the way of real information about what it was like to be a stepfamily.

Over time, with determination and commitment,  we negotiated, compromised and resolved our issues.  We eventually understood that neither of us was 'wrong'. The problems we encountered were due to the 'dynamics' of merging two families into one.  

Even today, there is little information and very few community supports to help stepfamilies. This resulted in David and I becoming passionate advocates for stepfamilies.

After launching Dianne Martin & Associates, we developed an array of stepfamily supports and workshops.  Our goal is to empower stepparents to build, strengthen, and nurture healthy family relationships.   

Every educational event is intended to demystify the stepfamily journey, and enhance your knowledge regarding the highly complex, often challenging stepfamily dynamics.

Learn why it is so difficult and how to defuse issues. map your stepfamily journey and enjoy increased harmony in your home. 

Stepfamilies are like snowflakes - no two are alike.

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